Muramasa☆ – Star Review

UntitledMuramasa☆ is a straight up girl fronted ska band. With the likes of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra keeping the old school ska scene alive, Muramasa☆ is like a new school ska band much like Gollbetty, but with actual ska style rather than the upstroked guitar.

I would even go as far to say that Muramasa☆ is like a new coming of the Potshot-era of ska that was ska mixed with a large dose of punk.

Star is an interesting album because it reminds me of the early days of when I listened to Japanese punk. There were a lot of these types of bands around and many of them changed their style to ballads, like Shakalabbits.

It’s sad that bands give in to the ballad instead of following what they were good at (175r, what the fuck happened to you).

Muramasa☆ isn’t going to change the landscape of ska in Japan, but they are a good representation of the life of independent music from Japan, there aren’t real trends because all types of genre are still alive.