Scandal – Best★Scandal Review

scandalI’m not sure if Scandal is a created girl rock group or if they all came together before and then were transformed by the Japanese music industry to play instruments with idiotic choreography.

Either way, Scandal is an interesting listen as a four piece “rock” band. The issue is that I don’t know if Scandal would really be considered a rock band because their sound is directly influenced by the Japanese pop industry. If they didn’t have the Pro-Tools layering to their tracks, it might be easier to judge. But when they add shooting star effects to the chorus, it’s hard to really take them seriously.

The group has one main vocalist with the bass and lead guitarists singing background which creates a nice layering of the music. Scandal is Jpop without a doubt, just packaged in a different way. That in mind, the songs of Scandal are thinly disguised pop songs in the form of girl rock.

It’s not bad, but what did they sound like before they were transformed.