TaeYang – Where You At Review

taeyangTaeYang is one of the members of the Kpop boy group, Big Bang. With G-Dragon, another member, already releasing a solo album, TaeYang’s was in the making through a lot of 2009.

His first single, “Where You At” is a definite switch from the music that he works with in Big Bang. Taking a lot of influences from American r&b and rap, “Where You At” is a push towards a much different style. The problems that come from this single is that TaeYang doesn’t really use his full potential as a singer and focuses more on his choreography.

That said, he is a very good dancer, but during the bridge where most singers would belt out a high note, he sits firmly where he’s comfortable which is disappointing.

“Where You At” is a competent single to release, and a nice teaser for what the rest of the album may contain, but he need to work on proving more than just his dancing skills.