winnie – Headquarter Review

2lxtuhkThere are many Japanese bands that sing in English, sometimes it’s a combination of both Japanese and English and then there are bands who sing purely in English. For those bands, the pronunciation is occasionally less than stellar and it’s difficult to understand.

With winnie, that problem is non-existent. The American rock-influenced music recalls elements of pop punk and pop rock with lead male vocals and female backing vocals which blend together very smooth.

Headquarter is a min-album, but feels like a full release with songs that feel complete and well constructed. The bands that pop out of the winnie sound are Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World, early Saves The Day, and Park. It is very interesting to hear this type of rock translated from the American style into a fusion of Japanese rock and American influences.

If winnie was on the shelf next to other American rock bands, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.