Yui – Can’t Buy My Love Review

yuiYui is like the Michelle Branch’s and Vanessa Carlton’s of the United States, actually playing their own instruments and possibly writing their own songs. Yui’s 2007 album, Can’t Buy My Love, sounds very different from the other pop that Japan releases in that the music isn’t entirely pop infused.

The tracks throughout the album switch from pop ballads to indie rock the best example are the first two tracks on the album, “How Crazy” which is more of a electric-acoustic girl rock song and then “Rolling Star,” a song that sounds like it could be on Music Station or the OST for an anime.

Even with the jarring differences in the songs on the album, they are all well constructed and interesting, but like many of the singers in Japan, especially of the pop vein, her vocals aren’t as strong as they should be. Her range isn’t very wide, and the songs keep her in her range.

The indie/pop rock genre that the music lays in makes sense for her voice and that was a smart decision. Can’t Buy My Love is a nice change from the manufactured Japanese pop, but it falls short of other actual indie rock bands.