99Anger – The Anger and The Sadness Review

207638_1_fWhile I previously talked about 99Anger’s Who Comes First?, this reissue of The Anger and The Sadness only furthers my appreciation for this band. There are some duplicate tracks on both albums, but from the first track, God Is Watching You, 99Anger produce a stellar punk rock album that borders on hardcore.

The vocal delivery is still on point of excellent and there isn’t a lot note or beat in each of the tracks. I would even say that The Anger and The Sadness is better than Who Comes First? The best thing about the album is that the flow of the album follows a wave pattern with a faster punk song following a slower heavier hardcore song. The screaming vocals accented by the pseudo-melodic delivery of the verses creates a sonic mesh that doesn’t work for most bands.

Production on the album still sounds like a garage and it still sounds excellent. There hasn’t been an album that grabbed my attention before Who Comes First? but The Anger and The Sadness is a better album even considering it’s a reissue.