Asian Hand – Riceball on the Head Review

coverAsian Hand is a punk rock band. Carrying a pop punk sound over excellently delivered Engrish lyrics, Riceball on the Head is a definite listen to any punk fan. Harmonizing background vocals and chorus breakdowns, the songs don’t get repetitive.

It’s hard to describe why exactly Asian Hand are such a good band, partially they remind me of my youth like some other bands, but what Asian Hand does better is that they combine a lot of elements of the punk that I really enjoy listening to.

While pop punk has become a little bloated in the United States and it’s safe to say that it’s starting in Japan, this band has found that niche sound that can’t easily to played and have honed the sound to respect the history of the music previously.

There’s nothing boring about Riceball on the Head and the album, while released in 2004, is among the top of the Japanese punk I’ve listened to.