G-Dragon – Heartbreaker Review

coverAside from all the previous legal issues concerning the plagiarism over tracks on Heartbreaker, the album is good. I would even suffice to say that it’s one of the best Korean pop albums of 2009. G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, created ten tightly produced tracks that highlight a lot of his skills, along with the necessary guest spots to create more singles for the album.

The title track, Heartbreaker, was sighted as a plagiarized track from American rapper Flo-rida, but from a musical standpoint, the track has a delivery not often heard in Korean pop. Other songs feature artists from the same music corporation as G-Dragon, but each guest is used with very good planning.

Each song has a different feel and creates a good compilation of different tracks. Though the trend in Korean pop for the latter half of 2009 has been to take a lot of influence from 1980s. Heartbreaker is a outlier of Korean pop because it doesn’t follow the normal standards for a pop album, but the experimentation should allow for other artists to become actually creative.