Taeyang – Wedding Dress Review

coverKorean has what I think the best marketing of music in the world. Their media blitzes and different planning on hype for artist is almost scientific on how popular someone can become with the right backing.

Taeyang, vocalist for Big Bang, is releasing his second solo album and has been promoting tracks off the album that were not meant to be the main single. But with music videos and live performances, the interest in the album has not even peaked yet.

“Wedding Dress” is a much more Korean R&B track than his previously released “Where You At.” But that style change is only showing his range of abilities. Of course, while his digital single sounds excellent, there are some problems when he sings the song live and his constrained vocal range is made apparent. “Wedding Dress” is a great song regardless of where it was produced and distributed from and Taeyang probably has a good career ahead once he finishes his contract.