2PM – 01:59 PM The First Album Review

2pm2PM has had a lot of media in Korea since their debut along with the fallout of Park Jaebom who was left the group due to old MySpace comments during his trainee days.

But with 01:59 PM, 2PM released an album that is very much not the usual Kpop released from entertainment companies. The first single “Heartbeat” was unlike any song in the Kpop genre with an almost off-time tempo and sparse background music. As opposed to the fast beats of other Kpop idol groups, 2PM’s album is more of an R&B album with more slower tracks than upbeat.

The song 10 Points Out of 10 is another strange track that tries to be a mix of hip-hop beats and 1990s rock/rap vocals.

In my opinion, the eventual return of Park Jaebom to the group would only help sell more albums, especially when the songs would be remixed to include his vocals. 01:59 PM is an interesting album, if only because it is not entirely a Kpop album.