3rd Line Butterfly (3호선 버터플라이) – Nine Days Or a Million Review

3rd line butterflyMost of the time when I find an album from a Korean band or musician, I never know what to expect. 3rd Line Butterfly was one of those examples. But Nine Days or a Million’s first track “Nine Days” made me think that I found a miscategorized album.

The reason was that first track is entirely in English, not just English however, but almost perfectly pronounced English. Proceeding tracks let me know that, 3rd Line Butterfly was indeed Korean and among some of the best indie rock.

This EP reminds me of ee, an American indie rock band, but 3rd Line Butterfly performs the music a little differently. The low tone vocals also fit the music perfectly, somewhat like Lune. I really think that the singer/songwriter indie rock genre contains some of the best in the world now. Moving away from the pop rock that a lot of American musicians have created, Korean indie rock might have the same categorization, but there is a lot more power behind the music.

Nine Days Or a Million is a perfect EP. Every track is expertly recorded and even with overdubs and vocal layering here and there, I feel like if this isn’t listened to or added to a library, that person is missing something special.