Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) – The Blue Album Review

1846291194_16233e96_A18I love this album. Apollo 18’s The Blue Album is in my top 10 of the year. With The Blue Album, when I first heard it, I just thought that it was another Korean rock album that was copying the styles of United States hard rock bands. But on my second listen, I started hearing more indie and emo influences in the songs.

Iridescent Clouds is one of my favorite songs on the album, not only is the instrumentals powerful and multilayered, the vocal delivery is one of the best that I’ve heard on any Korean album.

A combination of screamo and carrying a similar delivery to Dennis Lyxzén of The Refused. The mid-track breakdown only culminates into a great closing third act on the four minute song.

While the “Pause” tracks are a bit throwaway, the rest of the songs on the album are great. While I maintain that Iridescent Clouds is the best song on the album, the other tracks on The Blue Album are still a step up from a lot of the other bands, Korean or otherwise.