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Apologies for downtime

Sorry to anyone who tried to access the site since 8 PM PST yesterday until about 1 PM PST today. I thought it would be cool to install a guestbook, but when I installed it, it actually installed over my files for the website.

Therefore, wordpress worked but couldn’t land on the main page as it usually does. I also thought I lost all my posts for this upcoming week, but thankfully I backed up the content before the idiot crash and I didn’t even know about it until this morning.

So, the site is back up and running, I will be backing up the site much more often.

And I still need to write a post before the year ends on “How to Create a Kpop Girl Idol Group.” It may be an installment piece because I have a lot of ideas.

So look out for a bunch of posts this week covering Korean music and jumping back into Japanese after last week’s sabbatical.