Cocore – Relax Review

cocoreTh thing about Cocore’s Relax is that I recognize that the merits of the band’s music, but the album itself is kind of boring. The first track, 유체이탈, is a slow tempo surf rock intro and the second track, 뱃놀이 타령, just reminds me of reggae bands of the United States like Pepper.

But then as the album continues, Relax loses a lot of it’s focus and becomes more of a compilation of genres. Of course, there’s never an issue with bands who experiment, but Cocore don’t especially play any of those genres with much conviction and the album just sounds everywhere.

For example going from a punk song to electronica is interesting for the album overall, but what was the point? I could argue that Relax is the band’s way to say “We can play all these different styles, aren’t we awesome?”

I would have to pass on Relax, simply because it never becomes a comfortable listen and there’s a certain aura of arrogance throughout the album.