How To Create A Kpop Girl Idol Group: Concept

I can easily admit that Kpop is my guilty pleasure. The sugar pop, pseudo-rapping, and otherwise extremely aegyo songs and appearance of these manufactured idol groups is something that I listen to and watch on the Korean music shows that they dominate.

But as I was watching these groups perform, I thought about the business side of the equation and the work that went into the creation of these groups. Then I had a better I idea. I could create my own.

So that’s what this is, my creation of a Kpop girl idol group from concept to stage debut. Please keep in mind, this is not a slight to the groups that currently exist or anything against Kpop. This is more of my own opinion of how the creation of such groups could occur under my extremely horrible guidance.20071025093028809a4_095058_0

The first thing before the creation of the Kpop girl idol group is the concept. Prior to holding auditions, finding what the overall direction of the group is important.

Take a look at Girls’ Generation, they have maintained their cute and spotless image since their debut, while at the same time introducing a bit more mature image with “Genie.”

Also as one of the only groups that doesn’t have a rapper, they are an outlier who maintain their popularity through careful product endorsement and media barrage through music shows and radio.

The concept for my group would be a step away from the extreme aegyo that many debuting groups use. Rather I would take influences from punk and indie rock to create a group that while they can sing and dance, they can also play an instrument of some kind. A stringed instrument, piano, and percussion are necessities.

And I did consider H.A.M. with their debut image, but the Joan Jett-influenced debut song didn’t really get popular because the verse to chorus was way too different. Also, the song was kind of bad.

2NE1 took their hip-hop inspired songs and had an appearance that matched their music. The debut single “Fire” released with two different MVs which showed the song could translate well to different concepts.

L_g0006318381So my concept would be: girls who play instruments, but listen to different genres of music get together as a group.

The Brown Eyed Girls changed their concept with “Abracadabra,” flooding the Kpop scene with their banned video, full of lesbian undertones and highly sexually charged dancing, along with vinyl suits. They are now on the top of the heap with their new single, “Sign” as well.

As the concept, taking influences from punk and indie music would be smart for two reasons. The punk genre has as many variations as any other type of music. Pop, rock, hardcore, math, and even acoustic are all genres of punk that could be used in the concept and look of the group.

The indie rock concept is for the guitar players, the pianists, and the like. The softer instruments which would balance the slightly harder edge of the punk members.

And considering the concept, how many members are needed. Again, Girls’ Generation is an outlier with nine, and the amount of money necessary to train that many members would be too cost prohibitive. It’s not like I’m SM Entertainment with SNSD and Super Junior.

T-ara has six, Rainbow has seven, Brown Eyed Girls have four, Kara has five. The numbers are important, not just for the songs and music, but for choreography, media coverage, and product endorsements. Secret has four members, but I feel like they don’t need their rapper, while with Brown Eyed Girls, Miryo is an important rapper for them.


In the end, I would use five because the easy triangle to highlight each member and it evens the line out when they are standing next to each other.

UntitledAs the concept is punk and indie, there would need to be a slight change because the girls would need to learn about the concept they would be representing. The punk members would need to know about punk in general, some current acts and how the music is representative of the concept.

The indie members would just need to stay a little quieter and have more soft spoken answers. Taking a look at the indie troubadours and somewhat unknown indie acts of Korea would do two things.

Show that the members weren’t entirely washed into their roles, and connect with fans of a different genre. Cross marketing is important for a starting idol group and taking this change in the current wave would at least get notice and possible a lot of traffic from the Korean netizens.

So summary:

Punk/Indie concept with members being able to play instruments. Though the appearance is rougher than other groups, they would still maintain a Kpop base, but with slightly more developed songs.