How To Create A Kpop Girl Idol Group: Members

So with the concept in place, it’s time to find members. From the previous post, I’m looking at five members. With the whole indie/punk theme, it has to be decided what the ratio of indie to punk members are going to be present. Most likely the indie members should dominate in the numbers because the punk members would have a much different look to them, and it could also be smart to have the stronger members to be easier to recognize.

The final decision has to be three indie to two punk members. But even with the numbers in place, the group still has to have the typical member personalities in place to really create a dynamic group.

In terms of age, it doesn’t really matter that much, though I don’t want After School or Brown Eyed Girls age ranks. Even with Brown Eyed Girls being really talented, I need some life out of the contract that I set in place. So the audition age would have to be 16 – 21. Along with age, there is a catch about ethnicity.

While most Kpop girl idol groups are comprised of mainly Korean or Korean-Americans, groups like f(x) have branched into China and Taiwan. For my group, I think it would be best to stick with Korean and Korean-Americans. Not to single other ethnic groups out, but as this is the first group, it might be best to stick with Koreans. The language barrier is also a big issue that I can largely miss.

Korean-Americans fit well because if they had some time to grow up in the United States or Canada, then they have a higher probability to have been exposed to indie or punk music. That previously knowledge would only help in creating a believable group.

Also the ability to speak more than one language is helpful and English is one of the best to have for those “Engrish” moments.

As with many girl idol groups, there are “set” personalities that are common within each group. Breaking down the member types:

Taeyeon: Leader of SNSD

Taeyeon: Leader of SNSD


The leader needs to keep the group in check. They don’t have to be the most outspoken of the group, but the leader needs to show their leadership when necessary, whether it be during live performances or media appearances.

As the head of the entertainment company, I need to know that the leader is taking care of the team when other staff are not present and that they are communicating issues and needs.

Even considering Korean culture, the oldest doesn’t have to be the leader in this case. Possibly a vote would even work, it just has to be recognized that the leader is in charge when staff is not around. They also need to be one of the main faces of the group.


Even with all the members having musical talent, there needs to be one member who excels at a couple different instruments.

This will help the group gain some knowledge of the strength that the group can have when everyone can play instruments well. Either piano and guitar or piano and drums, a good contradictory instrument relationship would help during variety shows.

Performing songs acoustically is a great marketing tool for those other songs on a single. Rather than just have the instrumental track, include the acoustic rendition of the song with guitar and piano or a pre-mixed version of the song with just room microphones rather than Pro-Tools.

The musician can also be one of the quiet ones, showing rather than telling of their skills and abilities.

Hyomin of 티아라 (T-ara)

Hyomin of 티아라 (T-ara)

Camera Whore

Every group needs a loud one. This member would be the one who usually talked and took a lot of the attention. They would, in effect, have to be the flashy one along with the one willing to go the extra mile to get attention.

The camera whore position isn’t meant to be a derogatory position, but among girls, there is usually one who wants to stand out and this is the position that they would have.

Even utilizing “aegyo” isn’t above this position and breaking the concept of the group could push for more attention and sales.

Middle of the Road/Girl Next Door

This position entails a couple different necessities. Kpop girl idols usually seem out-of-this-world attractive or talented. The Girl Next Door breaks down a lot of barriers between the fans and the group. She may not have the best skills or be the prettiest, but she is strong enough that people connect with her.

From a marketing perspective, the Girl Next Door is probably the best to sell products because people can easily relate them. Sell ramen? Simple. The easy catch phrase.

“When I’m studying and need a snack break, I always eat —— .”

The connection is to students, late night eaters, and parents. Students study a lot and they might need a snack at some point. People with strange hours will want to try the ramen late at night. And parents would think that if a musician eats something, then it can’t be all that bad. Even with a person only buying one pack, the investment should pay off.

Narsha: Brown Eyed Girls

Narsha: Brown Eyed Girls

The Beauty

These don’t really exist so much in Kpop anymore, meaning there aren’t members who are idols strictly for their physical appearance. Most members are able to sing or at least sound passable. But to break into the world of Kpop, being shallow is necessary to get those first few hits on the website or downloads of a song.

Netizens appear notorious for judging the appearance of Kpop idols and having a really beautiful one might sway notice from another problem. Singing would be important, but not so much at the beginning.

Now with the five members, the debut song can be decided. Debut songs are important because they can easily make or break a group. Taking H.A.M. again, they debuted with one song, but seemed to have disappeared. The group Secret have “I Want You Back” which seems to be doing well, but their follow-up single will be the one to determine their length of stay.

Also with the debut song is the first performance, whether it be live or pre-recorded. It’s important to gauge the abilities of the group before committing to a music show. Before the debut song, the group name also needs to be decided.