Lune (루네) – Absinthe (1집 압생트) Review

luneThe first thing that drew me to Lune was that her voice isn’t the normal higher pitched vocals of many other musicians. Her lower pitched and almost husky delivery creates a different feeling in the music.

Absinthe is a rainy day album, with the mellow beats and smooth delivery. Ranging from indie rock to airy Brit-pop tracks, there’s a definite theme for the album with the different tracks.

I think that “I’m the only Sinner in the World” is the strongest track. The addition of the low-toned electronica drum beats, the track has an urgency that never reaches a climax, but each time the verses end and the expected explosive chorus should occur, but doesn’t adds to the tracks.

Lune needs to be left to create her music and not pushed towards any genre that defies her natural abilities. If she ever records Kpop, then all her abilities will be wasted.