Mot – Non-Linear Review

non linearMot is one of the first Korean indie bands that I ever found out about. Non-Linear was the second album of Mot’s that I heard, but every time I listen to it; I’m still amazed at how great the album is.

The music itself could work as a instrumental album, but the vocals add so much to each track. Usually when I’m writing, Mot is in the background because the nature of the album is background music, but when actively listening to the album, there are a lot of elements to listen for.

The drumming on the album is among the best of any Korean band I’ve heard. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of the technical attributes that scream excellence solely on playing, somehow it becomes so integral to the overall album I wouldn’t be able to say it would sound the same with standard 4/4 beats.

Non-Linear is an important release for Korean music. It really shows what the landscape of Korean music has.