My Best of 2009

With 2009 over, I thought I would chime in on my list of my favorite music of 2009. Granted this list is pretty much all the stuff that I enjoyed listening to over this past year that was actually released in 2009, but there is also a section of music that I discovered this year that was awesome. I wouldn’t say it’s from first to last or an order of favorites, but just a list of the best of this past year.

Top 10 Best Albums of 2009

1. Donawhale – Dive to Blue

By far the most surprising album I’ve ever heard and probably my introduction to Korean indie music. A perfect album from start to finish, I’m surprised that this album isn’t getting released in the United States.

2. 아폴로 18 – The Blue Album

I was given a chance to review this and it still continues to impress me with each listen.

3. 3호선 버터플라이 – Nine Days or a Million

Another one of those “chance” listens, 3rd Line Butterfly have magic behind their music.

4. 루네 (Lune) – 1집 압생트 (Absinthe)

Just a great release that doesn’t falter. 루네 just needs to be a little more dynamic on her next release.

5. 김태우 – T-Virus

It’s Kpop R&B, but one of the most impressive mini-albums that I’ve heard this year. Even better than G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker.

6. Pop Disaster – Take Action

One of the best Japanese pop punk bands released another great album.

7. the Hiatus – Trash We’d Love

Out of the end of Ellegarden came four different bands. the Hiatus was the strongest one with this debut release.

8. Drunken Tiger – Feel gHood Muzik

Out of nowhere came this classic rap album that wasn’t wholly Korean or American.

9. Brahman – Eternal Recurrence

One of the forefathers of Japanese punk, Brahman came back and showed why they still are better than a bunch of other bands.

10. 티아라 (T-ara) – 1집 Absolute First Album

In the land of Kpop, this album is a step above everything else. Even with the domination of Girls’ Generation, 티아라’s first album impressed.

Top 5 Kpop Singles

1. 소녀시대 – 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)

Moving away from their “Girl Next Door” image, 소원을 말해봐 showed that the group can pull of a different kind of song.

2. 태양 – 웨딩드레스 (Wedding Dress)

Even though “Where U At” released first, 웨딩드레스 is the better song.

3. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker

Besides the scandal and lawsuits, this is still one catchy song.

4. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care

Like 태양, the second single from the mini-album proved to be a lot better than the first, “Fire.”

5. 카라 (Kara) – 미스터 (Mister)

It was either this or Abracadabra from Brown Eyed Girls, but I like the butt dance more.

Bands I Found Out About in 2009 That I should Have Known About Before

World’s End Girlfriend
The Ratios