Nell – The Trace Review

image 3The Trace is a four song EP from Nell. Every time I listen to something from this band, it has similar elements, but sounds different. With The Trace, I found an amazing indie rock EP that contains so much in four simple songs.

While the music itself isn’t exceptionally difficult, the delivery off all the elements on the songs propels this release into one of my favorite finds of 2009. Even though this was released in November 2008, I can’t say I’ve found a release so short, but impressive.

Nell have found that difficult to reach niche of indie rock. Each song carries the musical theme of the one before it, but the package as a whole really attains that point of really well developed songs. Even with the fourth song being an acoustic version of Part 2, a track on the EP, it just shows that the songs are capable of being translated to a similar, but different style.