Otsuka Ai (大塚 愛) – Love is Best Review

coverOriginally I found out about Otsuka Ai through her “Smiley” single and couldn’t believe the amount of sugar that was added to her pop song. But when I started finding more of her music and listening to her ballads, I found out that Otsuka was not a manufactured pop princess.

On many of her albums, she is a contributing writer and creates some of the songs herself. A very good pianist, her live concerts where she plays her songs accompanied only by it are some of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

Love is Best is her newest best-of album collecting a lot of the previously released singles and some b-sides. I would reccommend picking up any of her best-of albums to see the variety of her music. She does have some hit and miss tracks on her albums.

From when I found out about Otsuka Ai to now, her themes and appearances have changed drastically, but her music is still very good. She still makes the sugar pop song, but it sounds like her experimentation is her choice, not the label’s.