Thanks to Everyone For Reading

While this may seem a little out of the ordinary for what’s usually posted on, I have to take some time to thank all the people who take time out of their day to read the site.

Most people don’t know the history of the site and since it’s only been live since the end of August 2009, these past four months have been a lot of fun. Creating content for my own site is a lot of work, especially since I also write or help out with other sites. If you’ve ever looked at the Published page, I work for three other sites, along with a full-time job. is a video game news website that I mainly write for. As Editor in Chief, I’m in charge of all the news, contacting developers, publishers, pr firms, going to events, reviewing games, and always trying to find more writers. Right now the crew is mainly just me. I have a couple other people, one of which just joined via, but the majority of all the content is my own doing. was my first online writing gig. Right now, I just post content on the site since I don’t have a lot of time otherwise. There’s a relaunch in the works right now as well. Moving to wordpress will greatly help out, since I’m good with that system. This website uses it too. is a video game news site run by a co-writer at Arguably, he’s a much better video game writer and EIC than I am, but I help out with West Coast events and reviews here and there.

I started the site after about 4 months of debating. Previously, I was writing for another video game website, but when that EIC thought my posting video game news on my own site was contradictory (even though a lot of the news I was posting was from my contacts) to posting on theirs, I decided to leave and begin

Obviously in the beginning there wasn’t much of a focus. I still think the layout needs some work, but I’m not good with programming so the theme will stay as it is. I still think that the focus needs some work.

But right now until the new year, I will be thinking about the focus on the site, along with creating an actual banner.

But that’s all precursor to what I have to say now.

Thank you.

Thank you to all the readers of the site, all across the world who spend even five seconds on the site.


I especially have to thank helikoppter at Indieful ROK. She found a review of mine through Twitter and since then has been linking some of my reviews.

Since Indieful ROK is mainly Korean indie music and my interests are both Korean/Japanese music genres, I try to find time to cover both.


Janet at make-shift cartology leaves me comments, which makes my day since I know people read my stuff.

And clumproll who corrects my sad Korean.

I also want to thank netizens in South Korea who read the site. The purpose of the Korean reviews is so people in the United States can find out about great bands from Korea, but the fact that there are readers over there have been to the site is a nice treat.

Lastly, but most importantly, I have to thank @juyeonclairewoo who has put up with all my antics and writing during the weekend when we’re supposed to do more than sit around my studio.

Keep checking the site after the new year, there will be some changes here and there; I haven’t decided what yet.

Would anyone read about fashion?

And if anyone has any comments or suggestions, please let me know. A website doesn’t just survive by the content, but the community behind it.