99Anger – Vol 2 Review

d4I wasn’t aware that 99Anger had released a new album in 2009, so when I found the album and listened through it; I found myself in awe. Awe of how awesome this album is. From my previous reviews of Who Comes First? and The Anger and The Saddness, it’s apparent that I’m a big fan of 99Anger.

Vol. 2 is an amazing step forward for the band. While the album itself has more of a polish than the previous albums (they sound a lot cleaner), the screaming vocals and power chord delivery of the music is still there. There are a lot of standout tracks with my favorite being “Stolen Home” on Vol 2.

In the genre of Korean punk, there isn’t much better than 99Anger. Even with the improved recording of the album, there isn’t an degradation of their sound and it’s still better than a lot of punk in the United States.