Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) – Red Plus Review

image 1When I reviewed 아폴로 18’s The Blue Album, I thought that it was an amazing listen, though the “Pause” tracks were unnecessary.

With Red Plus, a re-recording with three additional tracks,I realized that the “Pause” tracks are just as important as the actual songs. Another impressive thing about this album is that it is not a remastering or remixing, but a re-recording. Not many bands will go through and record a whole album again.

Red Plus reminds me of post-rock more than anything else. Some influences that I heard are the Japanese post-rock/screamo band, Envy, and almost a prog rock feel.

The 9:04 track “Warm” is one of the best starts to the album because it has so many different changes in the song, but still feels cohesive. Since I never heard the original release of this, I can’t compare any improvements over the first recording, but it is an amazing album.

The three additional tracks “Emit,” “Time,” and “Remit” fit the overall theme of the album making this recording more of the seminal release of Red, even if called Red Plus.

Post rock fans need to listen to this album. They are on the level of Envy and they are much younger as a band than that Japanese group.