Bluedawn – Self-Titled

bluedawnIt’s interesting because I heard of 한희정 and The Invisible Fish before I heard of Bluedawn, even though those two were Bluedawn before they went their respective ways.

Bluedawn’s self-titled shows that together the duo created very airy indie rock that is different from their solo work, but it is easy to see the influence that working together had on their individual songs. The self-titled album is among the best indie rock from Korea that I have ever heard. 한희정’s vocals are different in Bluedawn, creating soft landscapes over the mellow beats.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard music like this in the United States, music that could maintain its tempo and themes without sounding boring or repetitive, but Bluedawn succeeded without any problems.

Bluedawn’s Self-Titled is a must have in a Korean indie collection.