Elena – Say Hello To Every Summer Review

image 5Sometimes I worry about the female singer-songwriter in Korea. That’s not to say they’re not talented, but a lot of the music is starting to blend as I go through a lot of the different artists.

Elena’s Say Hello To Every Summer is another one of those albums that is good as a stand alone album. But when compared to other female artists in the same genre, she isn’t as strong compared to 한희정 for example.

I don’t think the issue is Elena or her music, I think the problem is that experimentation isn’t happening as much as it needs to. She has a The Beatles sound to her music, which is impressive, but at the same time it becomes a little repetitive. I’m torn on the album because it is good, but doesn’t stand out.

Say Hello To Every Summer has the same musical themes throughout: light pop rock/indie. That is what holds it back because it doesn’t want to leave the genre for something different.