Fine Lines – Substratosphere Review

finelinesFor some people, the voice of Hirabayashi Kazuya is from either as one of the vocalists for Husking Bee or the singing voice of Tanaka Koyuki from the anime Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. Personally, I listened to Husking Bee before I watched MCS, but Hirabayashi’s voice was never the main vocalist that often on the songs.

After Husking Bee disbanded in 2005, Fine Lines emerged with Hirabayashi as the main vocalist. Substratosphere is a rock album that isn’t much like Husking Bee, one of the early punk/rock bands of Japan. The music is a little more pop rock and has different styles among the ten tracks.

When I found the album after a long search and listened through the whole thing, I realized that Hirabayashi has one of the most distinct voices in Japanese music that isn’t a pop idol. It is the his voice that completes the album due to his delivery.

I’m not sure what it is, but anything he sings sounds amazing and brings the song that much more energy. Substratosphere is an interesting album because it touches acoustic and some folk music among the rock tracks.

It’s not something easy to find, but the album is among one of my favorites.