How To Create A Kpop Girl Idol Group: Group Name

Group names are very important for Kpop girl groups. The perfect group name can bring a lot of attention to groups or individual members, and along with the necessity of internet marketing, a strong individualistic group name can bring a lot of hits through search engines, portal sites, and news blog sites.

Most people know of the big names in Kpop girl idol groups.

Girls’ Generation is a strong contender for a group name for a couple reasons. They were named after the Lee Seung Chul song of the same name. Their group name is broken down into a few different abbreviations.

Girl’s Generation
So Nyuh Shi Dae

That’s four different searches that will pull traffic.

Also the member count of the group works for them, but that’s not important for this editorial.

Others include:

Brown Eyed Girls
After School

And while these are good names, they are to me, not strong enough for the group that I would be designing. The issue with the group name is that it sticks after the debut. Changing the group name would only disable the ability for fans to connect with the group.

Along with multiple editions of merchandise could anger the public and cause a possible backlash.

Another reason is that the group name is pushed towards the more cute or feminine area, rather than the strong female type that is missing. Using acronyms is fine, but most of the time when I hear what the name is supposed to mean, it sounds more like Engrish than a good acronym.

For the group that I create, I would want a stronger image from the beginning, pushing away from the ageyo feel of a lot of debuts and make something more pervasive rather than using the appearance to draw attention.

My idea is to use the pantheon of Greek mythological figures to find a name that would fit the group and make an interesting diversion from the group names currently present.

The name that I fell to is Alectrona, Goddess of the Morning.

Alectrona could be changed from that Romanized spelling to Alektrona if it was necessary as well to create a sub-group or a more aggressive image.

The name Alectrona has its own purposes as well. With the connection to the sun, the members could be considered to have a brighter outlook, depending on the PR pictures that would be released or “leaked” on the internet. Also, the name isn’t like anything else on the Korean Kpop market right now. The ancient historical connection would help with the searches online because only a few keywords would be needed.

There is also the possibility of the group moving out of Kpop with the name Alectrona and releasing albums that are not Kpop based, but more rock-infused.

Leaving open doors for the group who may debut on the Kpop scene but move out into other genres of music is important because it can bring more revenue in besides the usual media attention and variety show appearances.

So with the concept, members, and group name in place, the final ingredient is the debut song which will easily make or break the group along with the first MV.