Loveholics (러브홀릭스) – 1집 In The Air Review

image 2From this history that I have read, Loveholics is Loveholic minus vocalist Jisun who left the group. So the album, In The Air, was completed with the remaining members with guest vocalists.

With this in mind, I do have to say, In The Air does feel a little fragmented. This isn’t because the songs are poorly arranged, but the many different vocalists change the feel of the songs.

It’s easy to consider because vocalists all have different abilities and deliveries, which makes this album difficult to find a common thread, even with the instrumentation.

Obviously the remaining members can’t ask these guest vocalists to “try to sound like Jisun” so the album does feel like a compilation rather than a standard album. But even with the fragmentation, In The Air is an impressive Korean indie album.