Scars Borough – Self-Titled Review

scarsScars Borough is another band that is joined by the indefinite hiatus of Ellegarden. But this time it was formed by Hirotaka Takahashi, the drummer. Maintaining his position as a backing member of a band, Scars Borough is more rock infused than Ellegarden with female fronted vocal delivery.

The six song EP is a great start for this band because the album is upbeat and contains a lot of energy. There is a lot of potential for the group as long as they don’t fall into the pop style of many other rock bands and continue to create music like is on their debut.

While the majority of the songs only run at about 100 beats per minute, the continually moving guitar and bass along with Hirotaka’s impressive drumming make this album and band something to watch out for.

Even though the Hiatus and Nothing’s Carved in Stone have impressive debuts as well, Scars Borough is more impressive because it explores a new sound for one of the member of Ellegarden.