Tearliner – Embrace All Review

image 1There is a strange calming feeling from the first track “Embrace All” from the same titled EP release from Tearliner. Then as the album continues, there is a much different feel to the release.

“Final Scene” reminds me a bit of Radiohead along with electronica and some rock influences. The song also has a feeling of the United States musician Beck. It’s interesting because I haven’t heard this kind of mixture of music on one track before from Korea.

Continuing through the album, there is a slight branch of with “Yst” which favors a slightly more Ratatat or possibly MGMT feel, not in tempo but instrumentation.

The two different mixes of “Embrace All” are a little tacked on, but “She’s Lovely” is a great piano focused track. The short length of the song with the repeating piano rhythm and violin (or viola, I can’t ever tell) sounds straight from a soundtrack.

Embrace All has a lot of content for its short number of tracks. There’s a lot to take in on this release and multiple listens are required.