The Ratios – Burning Telepathy Review

00 CD CoverWhen I found The Ratios, I didn’t have any idea what type of music that the band played. After my first listen through Burning Telepathy, I realized two things.

One: this album is amazing. Amazing in the fact that it is a mix of The Killers, Electro-pop, and rock. They sound like Innerpartysystem, but Korean.

Two: If this music came from Korea, then the world music scene needs to pay more attention to genres other than Kpop.

Burning Telepathy is a live band backed with synth, but unlike other bands who use this mixture, The Ratios created rock songs. There are no soprano vocals or cute imagery in the music, it’s almost like Boom Boom Satellites, but so much better.

During the fourteen songs on this album, there are so many strong tracks. “Rockstar” is an indescribably amazing track to begin with. Even influences of Nine Inch Nails can be heard in the background of some songs. “Crush” would fit in perfectly with a racing video game.

The later tracks on the album are mainly instrumental, but they are just as amazing as the songs with vocals. The music is great and the vocals sound unlike any Korean vocalist I’ve ever heard before.

The Ratios’ Burning Telepathy is perfect. Perfectly nuanced and impressive, this album is a hint of what’s to come from Korea’s alternative music scene.