14 Left – Zahir Review

14left14 Left’s Zahir is effective a four song EP with two demo tracks and an intro track. The band is a melodic screamo band, with the screaming verses and slower melodic chorus. This type of music is funny because I can recall a lot of American bands who play this style and perform it more on the hilarious side.

Zahir reminds me a bit of Envy, though a lot lighter in the overall tone of the songs. The band is trying to play a style that isn’t easily pulled off, like Vanilla Unity, who I feel play an arrogant form of the melodic hardcore, 14 Left does feel a bit more honest.

The EP isn’t astoundingly amazing, but more of a guilty pleasure for me. Even though they disbanded and reformed, they should try to make this style into something more of theirs rather than be influenced mainly by other bands.