Apollo 18 (아폴로 18) – Violet Review

A0366084It’s hard to say in what way, but 아폴로 18 is really evolving in their style of music and performance with each release. From The Blue Album to Red/Red Plus, the evolution of the band’s sound continues to become tighter and more focused.

In the case of Violet, the album is much more post rock and borders on the math-rock genre without a line of vocals on the release. With the move into the more technical genres, I feel that 아폴로 18 lost a little bit of their bite, but this is mainly because of my enjoyment of the Envy-esque tracks that were on the first two releases.

Violet is still impressive, the tonality of the songs, especially “Lucy,” are aggressive and the complexity of the songs is apparent. The “Pause” tracks again make their appearance and break the flow of the songs nicely like on the other releases.

After listening to 아폴로 18’s discography, the evolution of the band could have gone a few different ways, but with this post rock/math-rock release, the future is bright for the band.