Ellegarden – Riot on the Grill Review

riot on the grillIt’s a little disappointing that I forgot to review this release earlier, considering how important they are to my discovery of Japanese punk rock.

Ellegarden’s Riot on the Grill was introduced to me through the song “Bored of Everything” which was on one of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s Nano Mugen compilations. I discovered the band through that song and then found the album at a local independent record store.

This album is an instant punk classic. With a mixture of English and Japanese vocals, in addition to the lead singer being bi-lingual and able to sing discernible English, each song contains the perfect amount of hooks and energy to keep the album interesting. Riot on the Grill contains most of my favorite tracks by the band like “Marry Me,” “TV Maniacs,” and “I Hate It.”

If I had to choose my top Japanese punk album, Riot on the Grill would be it.