IzI – Vol. 1 – Modern Life…and…With Izi Review

137955_1_fListening to music that was released mid-2000s is interesting because it’s a window into a time of music that I’m not familiar with. The evolution of Korean rock is a little grey for me so by listening to different releases from band and especially releases from bands still around is a window into the genre.

IzI’s Modern Life is an interesting rock album. It is an album with mainly slower ballad-esque songs, but then can impress with tracks like “There She Goes” and “Wanna Be You.” It’s a little disappointing that the album doesn’t have an even mix of the faster rock tracks to the ballads because the album does stall a little with the slower tracks.

For being a 2005 release, it is an interesting look into that time, though I feel other bands of 05 had a bit more variety than IzI. It’s a nice rock release, but not too impressive.