World’s End Girlfriend – Hurtbreak Wonderland Review

hurtbreak wonderlandI’m not sure if I would really classify World’s End Girlfriend entirely as a math-rock band because they are a bit more experimental than, toe or Lite. In the case of World’s End Girlfriend and the other two releases that I’ve discussed on the site, Hurtbreak Wonderland is one of my favorites.

On the ten track album, there is a lot to discover and digest because they songs are long and dense. I’ve also talked about the importance of silence in the songs, and Hurtbreak Wonderland has its moments along with the careful building of tension on tracks.

Usually, ten plus minute songs can bare on boring, but like the other albums, Hurtbreak Wonderland continues to stay interesting. The mixture of electronica and synth beats with classical instrumentation isn’t new, but the way it is done on this album is nothing short of excellent.

Musicians will become better prepared for composing after listening to this album, guaranteed