Beast (B2ST) – Shock of the New Era Review

beast shockShock of the New Era is Beast/B2ST’s second mini-album, not trailing far from their debut. The new release is following the current Kpop trend of going for a darker image and incorporating more electronica into the songs rather than the lighter pop that was the trend only months ago.

Shock of the New Era, while forces a lot of synth, is a disposable and fun listen that starts from the second track, “Shock.” The vocals on these tracks has matured from their debut and contains more melody than previously. The more aggressive delivery fits the group well and it is pulled off with style. Three of the four actual songs maintain a faster beat even with “내 여자친구를 부탁해” sounded like a American boy band R&B track. In the same song, it sounds like a emo band.

Beast is showing they have the ability to change styles with believability and Shock of the New Era if not taken seriously is a fun listen.