Boom Boom Satellites – 19972007 Review

boom boomMuch like the album title states, 19972007 is a best-of album for Boom Boom Satellites. I found out about the band from the original Appleseed CG movie, who had a lot of their music for the soundtrack.

To describe their music is rock infused with electronica. The difference is that the basis of the music is rock rather than the synth, which only plays a part to add elements to the music. The two-disc CD set covers thirty songs over this period. Some notable tracks have Chuck D supplying some rap over the music too.

Each song by Boom Boom Satellites is both different and similar which makes the album fun and interesting to listen to. Tracks are both background and in your face so the dense nature of this best-of is among the best.

It’s not music for everyone, but it’s still awesome regardless.