Psychedelic Sun – 더러운 욕망 Review

psychedelic sunHaving a 2010 release sound like it should be from the 1960s isn’t too difficult, but when listening to the first track from Psychedelic Sun’s EP, I keep thinking of how this band carries elements of that era.

더러운 욕망 also carries a garage rock sound. That could partially be because of the recording of the EP, which sounds raw and without a lot of mixing, something that adds to the overall sonic theme. It’s a strange mix of the 1960s/garage rock music, though Psychedelic Sun do it well. Though even with only five songs, it does become a little repetitive. I get a Guitar Wolf feel from the band, but they don’t have the variety that the Japanese punk bands does yet.

더러운 욕망 is a good introduction to the band, but I advise keeping an eye on the band. Their next release should be even better.