Rip Slyme – Epoch Review

epochAside from M-Flo, Rip Slyme were among the first pop rap groups that I ever discovered in Japanese music. My personal preference for rap has always been the more upbeat pop rather than the more street rap, though over the last few years I’ve branched out.

Rip Slyme’s Epoch is from 2006 and to me not their strongest album though it has a lot of catchy songs. The five members have always created some good tracks, and Epoch is more of a hit-and-miss with their singles being the highlights among the other tracks.

“Hot Chocolate” and “Blow” were released as single before their appearance on Epoch and they are among the more interesting tracks. Other tracks like “Party People” do contain a lot of similar elements, but they don’t feel entirely complete.

The album as a whole took a bit more of a reggae feel or theme with more swaying melodies than the more straightforward beat-lyric rhythm.

Epoch is a good addition to their catalog, but not the best place to start for a new listener.