World’s End Girlfriend – Ending Story Review

160rm8xEnding Story is the earliest World’s End Girlfriend album that I have, from 2000. Considering this album released ten years ago, it’s a little difficult how this music was accepted or rejected when it first released, but it fits perfectly with the rest of their albums.

Ending Story is a bit different than their other albums because it’s more aggressive and dynamic in songs than their later releases. Just listen to “Magical Romantic Freestyle” which is a mix of cartoon noises, a child’s voice, and bordering on insanity.

Yet it’s still a great track. There is a bit more electronica on Ending Story compared to the sparse nature of future tracks, though still has the excellent piano tracks.

These ten songs are a must for any math-rock fan and people who like experimental music will also find a lot to digest with World’s End Girlfriend’s Ending Story.