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Planned Return Pushed Back

So I was planning on returning with some reviews this week, but an hour or so ago, my main laptop HD failed. Meaning it started clicking something fierce which probably means the arm in the case broke or something.

The laptop itself is old, but still in good condition, so I’m ordering a new HD that should come sometime next week. Once that’s all installed and I get the computer back running where it needs to be, the reviews should return.

A positive is that I backed up most of the data on the 3 partitions that the drive used, except for the downloads, meaning I’m going to have to remember what was in some files to get again. But from start to finish, the whole rebooting of the main computer should only take a few hours, most of which will be based on reinstalling necessary programs and fixing my music on my iPod Touch. Good thing I don’t use the default folder for my music.