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The Return on April 19th

So I received my replacement harddrive for my laptop and spent my Wednesday night installing it, installing winxp, drivers, and the programs that I use the most, along with my bookmarks for firefox. Strange how themes is now called “Personas.” Reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series.

Anyway, I was using my backup laptop, which isn’t the best for writing because my main laptop is a desktop replacement, so the keyboard is setup a lot better than my backup which is a 14″. Not that I mind it, but having my 17″ and 19″ second monitor is how I work the best.

So I finally caught up on most of my video game writing which is good, though still have a bit of a backlog, which is always going to be the case, I’m assuming. But I have a full set of reviews going out next week (meaning 10 or 2 per day) and I thought I’d give a little hint of what’s to come.

이효리 (Lee Hyori) – H-Logic
골드러쉬 (GoldRush) – Self-titled
미스티 블루 (Misty Blue) – 4/4 Sentimental Painkiller
National Pigeon Unity – Empathy

I can still admit that I enjoy a fair amount of Kpop, 이효리’s album is great. I did find some enjoyment with After School’s drumline performance, though they’re playing snare drums without the snare effectively making them toms and they’re using press rolls more than double-strokes, but I can forgive and forget.

I’m focusing more on Korean music slightly because there’s not a lot of Japanese music that’s really catching my ear, something that’s a little disappointing. Though Pastel Music via Twitter mentioned that World’s End Girlfriend wrote the soundtrack for Air Doll, which I found and gave a listen to. Entirely different from the normal sound, but still amazing.

If there are any suggestions, feel free to mention bands or whatnot.

There’s also a list of bands that have stuff I will review soon:

비둘기 우유 (Vidulgi OoyoO)
다운헬 (Downhell)
네스티요나 (Nastyona)
The Rocktigers
butterfly in the stomach
school food punishment

A small partial list. But thanks to the people who still read the site and sorry for the huge gap.

If you’re reading from South Korea, please leave a comment. I would like to know what you think of a American-born Korean’s opinion about Korean music. Writing in Hangul is fine too, I can figure out some of what is typed.

Once again, thanks for reading. The site’s not about making money, but giving me a space to write out my opinions on music. Though if the site got over 100 unique visitors in a day, I would throw a party.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter also, the site updates there.


Let me know how I’m doing.

Alright, back to taking it easy before I get my iPad this weekend.