Egg Brain – The Next 20-Mile Clouds Review

egg brainI’ve been a bit remiss about covering my favorite genre of Japanese music: punk. But when I started listening to Egg Brain, I realized that I’ve been missing on one of the avenues of how I got into music from South Korea and Japan.

The Next 20-Mile Clouds is another great album that retains the punk and rock sound that has almost disappeared from American shores in the last few years. Straight-forward rock tracks that don’t try to be anything more than what they are. Egg Brain’s 2010 release is like a nostalgic album and forward thinking at the same time.

Listening through the eleven songs makes me realize that Japanese bands have surpassed those in the United States in terms of staying true to the music rather than making a spectacle of what they’re doing.

Egg Brain is a great album for the summer.