Rain – Back to the Basic Review

rainThis is the first time I’ve ever listened to Rain. I watched his pseudo-feud with Steven Colbert and watched the slightly-broken Ninja Assassin; but never listened to him actually sing.

And I kind of know why.

Back to the Basic might be a welcome return for fans of his, but this being my first listen I’m not too impressed. I felt like his voice was a little too monotone and that he was using the music to wash out his voice a bit. Also I do think his time in the United States has skewed/influenced his music a bit. “Hip Song” isn’t bad, but I’m not too sure what the purpose of the song was.

I’ve heard he was an R&B singer, but I’m not really hearing the emotion come through his voice. I should go back and listen to his earlier music and get a feel for his pre-United States entry.