she – Orion Review

she orionAside from the really awesome cover art, I found that she is actually the work of Lain Trzaska, a Polish musician who resides in Sweden. The whole concept of she is a creation of his imagination. The only real Japanese connection is that the album was released by Pony Canyon, a Japanese label. So while this isn’t truly a Japanese creation, the release in Japan is loose enough to include it here.

The album is a mixture of electronica, chiptune, and house genres to create an almost frenetic conglomeration of beats, vocals, and imagery through the music. The album will probably not convert anyone who really isn’t interested in the genres, but I did enjoy the arrangements of the songs.

It’s surprising because the album does sound decidedly Japanese, not just through the vocals, but the slightly tinged tracks of the album.

It’s an interesting listen, and if a label in Japan thought it was interesting enough to release in Japan, it’s good enough here.