Things as of: Sunday May 16 2010

It’s been quite a while since I wrote something here other than a review. On one hand, that is kind of depressing to me because I wanted a bit more diverse amount of content on the site. On the other, it makes me a bit proud to continue to at least produce content on a generally regular basis.

When I took off a month because I was swamped with, I did get a nice refresh from not writing three hours a night after I got off of work. But I’ve kind of hit a wall with where I want the site to go. I do want to continue writing reviews and from what my Google Analytics tell me, people are at least looking at the site. It is a bit of a kick to see someone on the site moving from review to review for a long-ass time.

Many people don’t read the editorials that I post and honestly, who wants to read someone complaining about their life when all they want is to read content. So I think that writing an editorial once a week is a good way for me to go and at the same time personalize the site a bit. It does feel a bit mechanical when I go through the site a bit because it’s mainly information/opinion. I would like to have more of a discussion on the site.

Personally, right now I’m still at the same job, listening to the same news that the economy sucks while I keep hearing of people getting jobs that I know I’m qualified for, but don’t know the right people to get my foot in the door.

Hearing that Viz Media laid off 40 plus people from the San Francisco office and closed their New York office was a little surreal because I applied there a couple years ago and got to the second interview with a Senior VP (but didn’t get the job due to an inside hire).

I’m actively seeking new employment that involves a salary, a challenge, and where I can learn something new. My skills in online journalism and content creation is pretty strong and I know about social media tools and how to use them, but without the time during the most active hours of the day, there’s not much that I can prove.

My job goal has been both in journalism and marketing. Even though my writing is stronger, I watch marketing for tons of products in the video game industry and keep seeing the same trends and plans over and over. I’m surprised that after this year of being an “Editor in Chief” or “Unpaid Work Horse,” I realize that I love the industry, but it’s full of unimaginative people. Whenever I get invited to events or demos, I see people who have glazed eyes and are more interested in using video rather than actual journalism skills.

Obviously, a video will generate more time on the site, more chances of ad traffic, and a better Google search, but in some cases I believe that the written word shows more work, more opinion, and more thought than a Q&A through video. But I would have never had this chance if I like many other people who left decided that without money, the effort wasn’t worth it.

When I began as “EIC” the site was almost dead. The site mainly functioned on editorials from people who missed deadlines and I would scurry to try to find out what was going on or fill the gaps. I started EIC right before the 2009 Game Developers Conference, which I got a Media Pass to and attended my first actual event. It was eye-opening on how much people depended on iPhones, Twitter, and being the first to post information.

I also attended E3 2009, one of my life-long dreams, and had a lot of fun, especially covering Sony’s E3 Press Conference. So my work has been worth it for the experiences that I had. Though sometimes I feel that previous people who come back to the site for their own interests annoying the flying fuck out of me. BlizzCon last year was a great example of people who are in the industry doing things for their own interest, but the specifics of that are not important.

In June, I’m flying back down to LA for 2010’s E3 on my own dime, well on my parent’s dime, for the week and plan on meeting a lot of people. I have found that in the last year, I like doing things without assistance whether it be news, previews, or reviews. There is only one other person who writes for and he does well, even if the lack of communication is a little stressful.

I want to move into marketing or journalism proper because I know I can do it with a full-time position. I mean, if I can get four or five posts in a couple hours, how good would I be if I had an actual eight hour work day? Fucking awesome.

On the music front, I’ve been listening to mainly Japanese math-rock more than anything else, which is pretty obvious to anyone who reads the site semi-regularly. On the Korean side, I’ve been getting into more Hip-Hop and Rap, which is surprising because it’s not my favorite genre to listen to for any long period of time.

In June, actually the day before I leave for LA, I’m going to see the Wonder Girls with @juyeonclairewoo. It’s on a Sunday at 3 PM in San Francisco’s Japantown. I’m a little torn on whether it will be good or annoying.

I feel that I need to visit South Korea and see music first-hand and know whether my thoughts about the genres over there are valid. But I need that job to save the money to fly out there. I mean, I’m in the later half of my 20s. I shouldn’t be working hourly anymore. Had I been smarter, I would have gotten into online content a lot sooner and probably be well know by know.

But hindsight doesn’t mean much now, and I have to keep working on moving forward professionally.

If you read from beginning to end, I thank you for reading my bitching and apologize for the language. In reality, I curse worse than a sailor, but have managed to keep in clean on the site. But editorials might change that. Either way, there has to be a change coming soon because I’ve done too much work for everything to go to waste. And I’m not going to Korea or Japan just to teach English like the trend is right now.