Things as of: Friday June 11, 2010

Again I was bogged down with video game writing so I wasn’t able to post anything. A bit annoying since I was doing so well for a good amount of months. The reason being that the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is happening next week and I’m attending down in Los Angeles.

The past month up to E3 has been a cannon shot of news and information as well as emails from and to me about meetings with publishers, developers, and accessory makers. I went last year, blind eyed and not knowing what was going on, but this year I took care of everything myself and have secured three days of meetings with people I know and have met (Sandbox Strategies and SouthPeak Games) and ones that I have dreamed of seeing (Konami, Square Enix, Bethesda, and Nexon America).

So my second year looks to be even better than my first and hopefully I meet some of the right people and move out of my retail hell. But that’s off the subject.

Next week there will be some reviews, but the week after will be lax again, because I’ll be spending four days straight neck-deep in video games.