World’s End Girlfriend – 空気人形 (Air Doll) O.S.T. Review

worlds end airdollBefore finding this OST, I was introduced to them by Pastel Music’s Twitter who pointed me in the direction of the Airdoll moving. Korean actress 배두나 was in one of the starring roles for this Japanese movie. Her previous Japanese movie, Linda Linda Linda, was a fun film with the Blue Hearts being the musical influence.

World’s End Girlfriend wrote the music for the film, and while it is a departure from the more experimental music of the group, the classical tones that are in their original songs are the main feature in these twenty-one tracks. Remaining true to their sound, the sparse nature of the music still remains and the excellence of the arrangements are staggering.

While the songs are shorter due to the adherence of film soundtracks, it does show another side of the group that still impresses.